About Us

Lumina Gallery is a light-hearted creative-driven production studio based in Saigon, Vietnam. Founded by two ambitious creatives who want to explore the production after have more than a decade working in advertising.2artdirector.jpgSketch by Kaeru Sensei

Vuong Nguyen

Co-founder / Executive Producer / Creative Director / Stop-motion Director

He used to work as Art Director and Creative Director at several advertising agencies in Ho Chi Minh city, from international to local independent agencies. He was a ‘grass-hopper’ until hooked-up with his own creative studio and this creative production studio as co-founder since 2018. His everlasting enthusiasm for creativity and curiosity and experience giving him a different point of view about production and crafting.

Phung Tieu

Co-founder / Executive Producer / Art Director / Tabletop Director

She spent more than 8 years exploring in Advertising/ Photography / Concept Art & Direction, used to work from local to global agencies before settle her passion for Lumina Gallery.



Phung Tieu (+84) 935 188 953 | Vuong Nguyen (+84) 776 135 797