Cuộc chiến của Pô | Stop motion short

After the publication of The Unexpected Santa, we once gathering again to make a stop motion commercial short film for Antibio Pro, collaborating with Carnival the agency.

Fortunately, we have best stop motion team by outside.

Client Antibio Pro Agency Carnival Production house Lumina Gallery Film Director Vuong Nguyen Executive producer Tieu Kim Phung, Vuong Nguyen Production Design TiDu workshop Producer Kei Nguyen Project coordinator Vy Nguyen Producer assistant Thao Huynh, Minh Hoang Character design TiDu Director of Photography Hai Le Gaffer Tuan Tran, Hai Le DIT Thong Vong Lead Animator Fat Huynh Animator Fat Huynh, Dinh Dong Animator Assistant Loan Phan, Thong Vọng Art Director TiDu Storyboard artist Tuong Van Animatic Fat Huynh PA Thao Huynh, Thuan Nguyen, Phuong Nghi, Duy, Yen Nguyen Studio Banh Mi Trung Camera & Equipment Grips Kitsu Studio, Memo, Banh Mi Trung Studio Post production Memo Creatives, Color Holics, Tree Studios Roto, Comp Fat Huynh, Ecko Nguyen, Thong Vong Film Editor Phuong Nguyen Colorist Khanh Nguyen VFX Fat Huynh, Khanh Nguyen, Thao Nguyen Retouch Nguyen Nghiem, Nguyen Hoang, Nguyen Quy, Lan Anh, Nguyen Le Music Producer Tri Nguyen, Duy Huynh, Vuong Du VO recording Lexvu Studio VO talent Lien Binh Phat, Tam Nhan, San Vu 2D Animation Tree Studios, TKLK 2D Animator Dang Phuong, Do Thanh Thoai Vi, Thai Bao Bao, Khanh Ngoc Behind the scene Hi Nguyen, Nghia Nguyen, Huu Thien

The project took us at least 5 months from start to finish. Shooting in 18-20 days without counting test days, post production around 5 weeks, 3 weeks of preparation.

We appreciated their bold choice to become pioneers admen to use stop motion animation. And we promised to ourself to do best in this shot.

Inherited the successful and character look of previous advertising campaign of Antibio Pro, which executed by Tidu and photographer Monkey Minh. We developed a whole kingdom of antibiotics and tell story about Po, a young and ambitious antibiotic.

To the battlefield look and combat atmosphere.

Honestly, we quite like the bad guys with their appearance. The battlefield and characters are done by our friend, Tidu a talented and keen clay artist and her PAs.

Fighting scenes are fun parts and magnificent work too. Animation led by Fat Huynh and his team Dong Dinh, Thong Vong, Loan Phan already gave their best shot.

Stop motion animation can not rush, that’s why we need lots of time to plan and preparation, shooting and post production.

Special thanks to people who believe in our crew and stay together to make, probably the first stop motion commercial in Vietnam happened. We are feel thrilled when thinking about our next film!

Vuong Nguyen, Director & EP, HCMC, Vietnam June 21 2021

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