Lazada 11.11 feat. Lee Min Ho x Chipu

This project, like Peter – Lazada Regional Director once said in first briefing meeting ‘An ambitious international collaboration production of this year’ between production houses and post houses from Korea, Singapore to Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

To us, our young Lumia Gallery and production crew, this is is a very valuable chance to work and to learn with other international production houses, about process, techniques and management. Pressure and challenge, but we are accepted it.

Client: Lazada
Regional Director: Peter Singh

Agency: Bighead IMC
Managing Director: Dương Phạm

Production house: Lumina Gallery
Executive Producer: Vương Nguyễn, Phụng Graya Tiêu
Director: Neko Le
Producer: Nguyễn Kei
Director of Photography: Vũ Dương
Art Director & Production Designer: Phong Lan Pham
1st AD: Hoa Tran
Focus Puller: Dronie Tom
PM: Kieu Phuong Linh
Set design & Prop team: Trinh Thien Tan
Stylist: Anh Tuan Nguyen
Stylist Assistant: Dat Tran
Make up for Stunt: Ngo Nhat
Art assistant: Trang Nguyen
BTS photo: Hai Le, Tran Tan, Phuonglak
Rental house: Cinelight
PA: Phong Vu, Yum Nguyen, Nhu To
Voice supervisor and mix: San Tran
Audio post: Lex Vũ
Singer: Tuyết Mai

Post house: Colorholic Media
Film Editor: Khanh Nguyen, Nguyen Phuong
Colorist: Khanh Nguyen

Special thanks to Truong Huyen Duc for providing AI focus tech support.

We have several meetings among our side, with essential crew persons to schedule and plan out everything for the shoot. Then we have meetings with regional production team from Korea and Singapore for sharing plans and work in progress. Thanks for the smooth and helpful conducting from Lazada and agency side.

To keep secret of Lee Min Ho‘s presence until today, we have to blur out or crop his face out in every scenes in offline videos (provided by regional team) even in any printed pieces of papers in internal meetings or briefing documents. Only essential people can see his face, this make us feel like we are working on a top secret mission in movie tho. We are also created a code name for him, Mr. L – yeah, refer to L fictional character in famous Japanese manga series ‘Death Note‘ – which we all love.

Color graded by talented colorist Khanh Nguyen, founder of Colorholics Media, Khanh was highly recommended by our trusted Producer Nguyen Kei, then we know our child is in a good hands tho. We also give special thanks to Truong Huyen Duc for providing AI focus tech to support us for this opening scene.

Some of behind the scene photos onset, 2 days in a row, fortunately we always wrap it on time. Thanks to collaborative and friendly atmosphere on set (we hate yelling much) not much complains but lots of laugh and hủ tíu (Vietnamese rice noodle) cooked by the chef of catering team is taste SO yummy 🤤! Ah, you might wondering why it took 2 days to film, stay tune for answer, but later.

Thanks for reading and stay tune for more up coming works.

EP, Vương Nguyễn / Lumina Gallery, An Phú, Sài Gòn 16.10.2020