Lazada Birthday feat. LMH x Tran Thanh x Chipu

Our last spot among Lazada ‘trilogy’ commercial we did for Lazada and Bighead IMC has been on aired widely on public in March, 2021.

With the join call of Tran Thanh later on (in post production), we have an all-star co-perform Happy Birthday song to Lazada, of course, from distance. Don’t forget to add to cart sale items that you desired for long time with big promos!

Client: Lazada

Agency: Bighead IMC
Managing Director: Dương Phạm

Production house: Lumina Gallery
Executive Producer: Vương Nguyễn, Phụng Graya Tiêu
Director: Neko Le
Producer: Nguyễn Kei
Director of Photography: Vũ Dương
Art Director & Production Designer: Phong Lan Pham
Art Assistant: Trang Nguyen
CGI Artist: Luc Tan
Rental house: Cinelight
BTS photo: Hai Le

P.S: Can you tell which scene is the CGI background? Let us know in comment box below :).

EP, Vương Nguyễn / Lumina Gallery, quận 4,10.03.2021

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