Lipton summer vibe

It took us 2 days to go through 16 wonderful recipes with U-Studio. Shot by our photographer Tuan Tran and styling by food stylist Ta Manh Ngoc and his teammates.

Client Unilever / Lipton

Agency U Studio

Production house Lumina Gallery EP Vương Nguyễn, Phụng Graya Tiêu Photographer Tuấn Trần Photographer Assistant Duy Trần, Huy Producer Cát Linh Food Stylist Tạ Mạnh Ngọc Prop Stylist Huỳnh Thanh Vân Assistant Nguyễn Mai Thy, Tạ Anh Thư, Thanh Thảo Retouch Artist Tuấn Trần Studio Bánh mì trứng Studio & Workshop Stop motion Director Vương Nguyễn Animator Vương Nguyễn, Phụng Tiêu, Tuấn Trần BTS photo Vương Nguyễn

Foamy vibe

Fruity vibe

Detox vibe

Funtogether vibe

And last but not least. During shooting, we tried to do some stop motion videos with ingredients on set. Similar to cinema-graph, directed and animated by Vuong Nguyen, Phung Tieu and Tuan Tran.

Something fun to watch, isn’t it?

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