Sunquick stop motion spot

A 15-second spot make with stop motion film making technic for Sunquick brand for Instagram, Facebook story and Youtube ad.

Client: Sunquick

Production house: Lumina Gallery
Producer: Vương Nguyễn, Graya Tiêu
Table-top Director: Graya Tiêu
Stop motion Director: Vương Nguyễn
Photographer: Tuấn Trần
Studio: Banhmitrung Studio & Workshop
Post production: Lumina Gallery

Why stop motion?

Because, unlike other continuous film making technic, stop motion required less man power, equipments but it will take more time to produce. We took more than half of a day to set up and shoot. Then later we start to retouch selected photos for the sequence and join it together in post production, color grading it then release it in next day. Of course, this need a good plan from both agency side and production side. We can help on that.

Oh, and with stop motion, we can turn the video to GIF easily without reduce much frame-rate and optimize it to small size. Quite fun and interesting to see it dithering ☺️.

Why can we make it faster than usual?

Everything has been done with our in-house resources. From table-top director to photographer, studio and equipments. We are trying to create a all-stop stop motion studio for all kind of commercial, that’s why we keep trying new technics and tactics to make the stop motion affordable and acceptable to clients and agencies.

We can produce the spot as less people as possible. So we reduce the risk of making a crowd.

EP, Vương Nguyễn / Lumina Gallery, An Phú, Sài Gòn 28.12.2020

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