The Unexpected Santa | A stop motion short film

This December is remarkable for our Lumina Gallery because of the launch of the short film The Unexpected Santa. A collaboration film making project of Lumina Gallery x Tidu Workshop x Tree Studios and kind and talented friends. Such a wonderful Christmas for us all!

Bạn có thể đọc bài showcase đầy đủ bằng tiếng Việt tại page của Director/EP/partner tại đây.


Film Director:  Vuong Nguyen Executive producer: Vuong Nguyen, Tieu Kim Phung [Lumina gallery] Production Design: TiDu workshop Producer: Kei Nguyen [Tree Studios] Project coordinator: Vy Nguyen Producer assistant: Thao Huynh [ Tree Studios] Minh Hoang [Tree Studios] Character design: TiDu, Than Trong Hien DOP: Vuong Nguyen, Hai Le Gaffer: Vuong Nguyen, Tuan Tran, Hai Le Animator:  Than Trong Hien, Vuong Nguyen, Yen Nguyen, Thong Vong [Memo] Phat Tan Huynh [Memo] Art Director: TiDu, Kit Tik Screenwriter: The Trong Wardrobe designer: Tieu Kim Phung Storyboard artist: Tuong Van [Tree Studios] Animatic: Phat Huynh [Memo] Poster design: Kit Tik Studio: Banh Mi Trung Camera & Equipment Grip: Banh Mi Trung Studio, Tree Studios, Kitsu Studio, Memo Post production | Film Editor: Jessica Ly Colorist: Dat Diep Music + VO: RHY Software Sponsorship: Thanh Phan [BT Studio] Rig removal compositing – Paint – Roto artist TREE Studio: Nghiem Nguyen, Hoang Nguyen, Quy Nguyen, Kim Yen, Lan Anh ,Nguyen Le Sydny Memo: Phuong Thao, Thong Vong, Tuong Vy Behind the scene: Vuong Nguyen, Yen Nguyen, Phat Tan Huynh Credit design: Duong Hoang [Tree Studios]

The project initiators at Tidu Workshop from left to right: Tidu, Graya Tieu, Than Trong Hien and Vuong Nguyen.
A scene in film with rig arms.
From left: Than Trong Hien (animator) and Kei (producer) on set.

There are a lots of work to do to make a more than 2 minutes long stop motion film. The whole production took us a month to finish, with evolvement of more than 40 artists and specialists, 15 days shooting on set, 120 hours of post production.

Day 5 of 15 on set.
One of the longest stretch set.
A raw animation scene.
One of the most heart-warming scene of the film.

Honestly, we can’t go that far without the help from many kind and talented friends. We have been featured on National TV channel in a 8-mins documentary about about stop motion and the project. Such a wonderful Christmas!

EP, Vương Nguyễn / Lumina Gallery, Khánh Hội, Sài Gòn 28.12.2020

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