The Unexpected Santa | A stop motion short film

This December is remarkable for our Lumina Gallery because of the launch of the short film The Unexpected Santa. A collaboration film making project of Lumina Gallery x Tidu Workshop x Tree Studios and kind and talented friends. Such a wonderful Christmas for us all!

Bạn có thể đọc bài showcase đầy đủ bằng tiếng Việt tại page của Director/EP/partner tại đây.


Film Director Vuong Nguyen Executive producer Vuong Nguyen, Tieu Kim Phung Production Design TiDu workshop Producer Kei Nguyen Project coordinator Vy Nguyen Producer assistant Thao Huynh, Minh Hoang Character design TiDu, Than Trong Hien DOP Vuong Nguyen, Hai Le Gaffer Vuong Nguyen, Tuan Tran, Hai Le Animator Than Trong Hien, Vuong Nguyen, Yen Nguyen, Thong Vong, Phat Tan Huynh Art Director TiDu, Kit Tik Screenwriter The Trong Wardrobe designer Tieu Kim Phung Storyboard artist Tuong Van Animatic: Phat Huynh Poster design Kit Tik Studio Banh Mi Trung Camera & Equipment Grip Banh Mi Trung Studio, Tree Studios, Kitsu Studio, Memo Post production | Film Editor Jessica Ly Colorist: Dat Diep Music + VO RHY Software Sponsorship Thanh Phan Rig removal compositing – Paint – Roto artist Nghiem Nguyen, Hoang Nguyen, Quy Nguyen, Kim Yen, Lan Anh ,Nguyen Le Sydny, Phuong Thao, Thong Vong, Tuong Vy Behind the scene: Vuong Nguyen, Yen Nguyen, Phat Tan Huynh Credit design Duong Hoang

The project initiators at Tidu Workshop from left to right: Tidu, Graya Tieu, Than Trong Hien and Vuong Nguyen.
A scene in film with rig arms.
From left: Than Trong Hien (animator) and Kei (producer) on set.

There are a lots of work to do to make a more than 2 minutes long stop motion film. The whole production took us a month to finish, with evolvement of more than 40 artists and specialists, 15 days shooting on set, 120 hours of post production.

Day 5 of 15 on set.
One of the longest stretch set.
A raw animation scene.
One of the most heart-warming scene of the film.

Honestly, we can’t go that far without the help from many kind and talented friends. We have been featured on National TV channel in a 8-mins documentary about about stop motion and the project. Such a wonderful Christmas!

EP, Vương Nguyễn / Lumina Gallery, Khánh Hội, Sài Gòn 28.12.2020

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